Amora Gems

Amora Gem – The Future is Brilliant
„For the first time in human history, diamond has been eclipsed by a new gem with greater Fire, Brilliance, Toughness and Beauty.“
Amora Gem 6 ´C  –  Color / Clarity / Cut/ Carat / Cost / Confict Free
Amora Gem is the world’s newest and ultimate gem. It is the first and only lab-grown gem
to surpass diamond in brilliance, toughness, fire, rarity and luster,
while matching the worlds most valuable white diamonds with up to D color, and Internally Flawless clarity.
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More brilliant than diamond
More fire than diamond
Greater physical stability and tougher than diamond
D, E and F color — better color than most diamonds
Hearts and arrows precision — better cutting than 99% of all round diamonds
Greater purity than diamond — atomically, ethically, environmentally