SIRIUS GEM – New generation of gemstones & jewellery

Sirius Gem is the most measurably beautiful of all the gemstones – it has up to 2.5 times more „fire“ than natural diamonds, is tougher and will last for generations. It’s price/beauty ratio makes moissanite the right choice for those who really want to enjoy the beauty of their jewellery, especially the gemstones, every day.

We are happy to bring you the Sirius Gem. The gem can be also considered as missing link on the market and offfer a bright and smart solution for those who love to wear their jewels every single day as well as exceptional occasions.

Sirius Gem is new and exciting. Our colourless Sirius Gem is available in sizes from 0.005 carats to 10 carats.

Other cuts available in colourless Sirius Gem are Cushion, Oval, Asscher, Square, Emerald, Radiant, Princess and Heart. They are all cut precisely to maximise brilliance. Whichever you choose you will enjoy wearing Sirius gem for generations.